You Bring the Thought

We'll Bring the Flowers

Our approach to design is simple, organize and of course, a little bit of Crazi, allowing the flowers to do what they do best; make us feel good and bring a little extra beauty into our lives. We are Crazi passionate about flowers and we like to share our love of floral designs amongst all! Whether it's watching as we create a custom floral bouquet for you at the shop, collaborating about flowers for your upcoming wedding or taking one of our classes, we absolutely love what flowers do for our Crazi customers!

Want something made customized give us a call at 320-485-4212! We also have a Customize Your Crazi page, this is where you can create your unique, 210% original floral arrangement designed virtually by you! Our expert Crazi Designers will custom create the floral design you envision; the options are endless!