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Non-Profit Planning Design

Planning a charity event involves a host of components to consider and coordinate and if your non-profit lacks a sizeable budget or the infrastructure to successfully execute a big fundraising event like a gala or sporting event, the task can be even more challenging. You don’t want to worry about who you need to hire or how to coordinate multiple vendors and producers. You need one source to do it all, while keeping costs manageable and expectations high. This is where Crazi shines. We are committed to giving back to our community and the surrounding communities and promoting community engagement. So, wherever a non-profit organization has a fundraising event need, we always try to make it happen. 


Each event is treated with our signature standard of professionalism, attention to detail and innovative conceptualizing to get your cause the attention it deserves. We work with the best teams in the industry in our nearby area, from venue to catering to décor, each specializing in the various components that come together to make your charity event a Crazi smash. 


From the initial planning process to managing the event itself, Crazi can work with you to design, produce and execute every detail, so you can focus your time on bringing attention to what really matters. Not only do we plan and execute, we also specialize in building themes and incorporating creative and effective fundraising event ideas you never thought possible. 


We understand that events are crucial to non-profits for raising money and awareness. Whenever there’s an opportunity, we’ll always lend a hand and try to partner our corporate and non-profit client in joint events. This innovative pairing results in mutual benefits and bigger, better and crazier results for everyone. From joint marketing to generating exposure, everyone benefits. With the right fit, corporate and non-profit partners can have a meaningful impact on each other and the people their organizations serve. 

We can't wait to meet you! 

Every Crazi Event tells a story, we would absolutely love to tell yours! 


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