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Soooo... why is there a dietitian on staff?

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Winsted's Crazi Dietitian

Well, first, we thought we'd start by addressing what a dietitian is. A dietitian is an individual with a minimum of a bachelors degree, 1,200 hours of supervised practice, and then passes a registration exam within their state. Plus, licensing and an optional masters degree. Dietitians help people address any and all concerns around the avenue of food; they work with athletes, individuals with various diseases, in foodservice, hospitals, and so much more!

Our dietitian, Kennedy, has bachelors degree in Dietetics and human nutrition with a minor in psychology & a masters degree in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. Kennedy's passion area lies with athletes and agriculture. She comes to us with experience fueling professional and the highest level collegiate athletes. Hence, why she developed a performance fueling line for our store. We're SO excited for our local athletes to try it out, improve their recovery, and watch their performance skyrocket!

Her second passion, agriculture, drives her love for keeping her community healthy. Kennedy HIGHLY values bringing fresh, local, food to the community and encouraging them to make the best choice for THEM, regardless of labels, media, or other outside influence. We've often heard her say, "I don't care if you choose to consume GMO's or non-GMO foods, I don't care if you choose organic or conventional. I care that you're eating enough food and you understand WHY you're making that choice." We think that's pretty cool. And of course, Kennedy's passion for local, sustainable food choices is driven by her love for her own dairy farmer and her current life on the farm.

So, why did we bring her on?

Kennedy aligns with our vision here at Crazi; making sure all of you that we LOVE have hearty, healthy, local, sustainable nutritious foods. We wanted to make Crazi something really special, so we decided to do something that most other coffee shops aren't; hire a dietitian. Kennedy analyzes our menu to make sure it's as nutritious as possible, expect that Dietitian Approved stamp on all of your foods!

In addition, Kennedy is experimenting with recipes that will improve the athletic ability of our local athletes. Her motto is pretty simple; The best athletes can become less than average with poor nutrition choices and the most average of athletes can excel when they start choosing the right foods. Nutrition to Kennedy is always a science and we really appreciate her take on fueling your body appropriately.

We're so happy she's joined us and we hope you find her of as much value as we do! Make sure you stop her for any ideas, nutrition related questions, or anything of the sort! Later, Crazie's

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