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Our Chief Chaos Coordinator!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Welcome to Behind the Scenes!! We are SO happy you're here and that we FINALLY got this up and running for you! We at Crazi wanted to bring even more value to your lives, so we've decided to put together a blog to bring you educational material, a place to go for any and all questions related to coffee, flowers, and all things Crazi. So, naturally, we're going to start with a brief introduction to our Chief Chaos Coordinator, Taylor!

Did you know Taylor has her associates in nursing and is a registered nurse within the state of Minnesota? You're in good hands here! She wound up in Winsted when she married her now husband who dairy farms in Waverly and is the mother to four tiny humans that she loves very, very much. She is incredibly passionate about all things homesteading; she loves her babies, raises chickens, and grows a garden each year. She fits in quite well on the farm. Taylor's passions for home grown, nutritious food shines through in all of Crazi's homemade sauces and recipes. She believes in supporting local, shopping small when possible, sustainability, and much more! She's an incredibly artistic individual, which may be why you've noticed the bright colors in the Crazi store, all of her many projects, and her bright, wild, and boisterous personality. We love her!

The WHY Behind Crazi

Taylor created Crazi because she wanted to provide an environment for people to feel like they've stepped out of the norm for a second - a small oasis. When you land within the store, she hopes you see beauty in the world, that you find a sense of hidden creativity and motivation.

Taylor's theory around food is, "you should love to eat." She believes you should enjoy eating because it's good for you, you feel passionate about your food because you know where it comes from, & it's tasty, too! She values knowing and understanding where your food is coming from, how it's grown, raised, and produced, and how to cook tasty, nutritious food with it! So much so, that Taylor's now brought on a registered dietitian to make sure that all of the products are tasty AND nutritious, as well as to answer any of your questions surrounding food. That's something you likely won't ever encounter with another coffeeshop. She really means it when she says Crazi is "the ultimate one-stop-shop." You'll find that many items on the menu are named after small special moments in Taylor's life, such as our sandwich, Farmer Boy Meets City Girl.

If Taylor could do anything without failing, she'd have as many babies as possible. If you've seen her with her 4 babies, you'd know how much she truly loves being a mother. Everything she does is for you... but, it's also to show her kiddos that anything and everything that they'd like to do IS possible, no matter how big, small, or out of the box they may be.

We hope you've enjoyed learning about our Chaos Coordinator. We've just scratched the surface with her. So, next time you see her, tell her you checked out our blog. Later, Crazie's

Winsted's Crazi Chief Chaos Coordinator

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